About Us

Home Express International Ltd. was established with a vision to serve and assist ex-pats and their families around the world. Home Express is committed to serving different nationalities around the world through modern and efficient technology and remittance facilities.

By expanding its network, offices, and partners in different parts of the world, Home Express ensures quick and easy payment to its customers. Our aim is to provide reliable and accessible quick and easy payment services for expatriates and their families. Home Express offers a secure and trusted means of transferring money effectively and efficiently.

  • Secure, easy, and instant remittance services for individuals and businesses.
  • Competitive rates for foreign exchange and remittances.
  • We are committed to our customers and strive to make a positive difference with them.
  • Dedicated and professional customer service teams.
  • We have strict AML / CFT policies to prevent risk and fraud.
  • We have a large network of agents in Hong Kong, Canada, UAE, Sudan, and other countries around the world.

*Rates are updated every 24 hours.

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To maintain market leadership in worldwide remittance and foreign exchange services through enhanced customer experience driven by continually upgraded technology, branch network expansions and superior service levels.


To be the customer’s first choice for currency exchange and money remittance.

Executive Management

Magdi Hassan Mohamed Nour


Founder Member & Managing Director of Home Express ranks today among the top business personalities. The Group has diversified into many significant areas under his dynamic leadership, Money Exchange being the most prominent of them. He is a great businessman in the UK, UAE, Hong Kong, Sudan, and other parts of the world. He holds a Master's degree from one of the famous universities in Sudan.

He has strong experience in the field of money exchange in the United Arab Emirates and manages the money exchange of the company. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of money exchange and has strong relationships with correspondents inside and outside the state.

Ajas Muhammed


Mr. Ajas plays a major role in the formulation and implementation of the overall growth strategy of the organization. He has more than 14 years of diverse experience in the financial services industry across a broad range of strategy, organization, operations, and information technology assignments. He has previously worked with various local and international firms in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India.

He holds a post-graduate diploma in Information Technology and Management from MG University in India, and a bachelor’s degree focused in computer applications in business from MG University.